If I knew what this site was about I would never write another word. Finding a name was hard enough, but the one I came up with – an illustration of the subjunctive mood in English – leaves plenty of room for doubt and conjecture.

Although I stand by every word, nothing is written in stone, or even, for that matter, on paper, and I take no responsiblity for the views or opinions expressed on this website, especially my own.

Nor do I bow to any authority, but go where my fancy takes me, obedient to the promptings of a truant muse, trusting blindly that what feels true is true.

In this regard there is no essential difference, as I see it, between the fictions and the essays. Everything is true in my stories. As for my non-fictions, they are not articles of faith, – a name I came up with, but quickly discarded – but exercises in ambiguity, and as such deal in proximate truths. Both forms play with meanings and words, their ostensible subjects – however much I took them to heart – merely points of departure. Pre-texts, as it were…